Working with WorkPoint

WorkPoint’s range of Microsoft 365 solutions helps companies unlock the benefits of SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, with a particular focus on quickly building scalable case and project management solutions.

As a business with many clients using Microsoft 365, Triad is delighted that this partnership enables its consultants to enhance Microsoft 365 in a controlled way to build innovative and distributable solutions on the platform.

For Triad, the WorkPoint product offers a great way to bring governance and management to the Microsoft 365 product suite and allows our clients to build controlled, innovative solutions on the Microsoft 365 platform. Whilst this has always been possible, WorkPoint provides a mechanism for maintaining the solutions, which has been hard and often very expensive in the past.

Not only does WorkPoint enhance modern SharePoint and Teams functionality, it follows Microsoft design guidelines and quickly adds new features to complement Microsoft 365 development.


A great solution for Legal and Professional Services firms

Both Legal and Professional Services organisations are very familiar with the case and project management situations for which the WorkPoint product is designed. By allowing firms to build these types of solutions on Microsoft 365 at scale, it delivers something that was traditionally very hard to achieve.

Using WorkPoint, Triad’s consultants can now adapt the Microsoft 365 platform to build Project Management and Case Management solutions that can be scaled and maintained from a centralised location. These case and project management solutions are also achieved more quickly and at a lower cost for both internal and external users, promoting controlled collaboration.


About WorkPoint

WorkPoint helps companies leverage Microsoft 365 by operating within the same system and by coordinating soft data such as documents, e-mails and data to improve cross-organisational activities. Not only does WorkPoint help users increase productivity and drive down costs, it has huge GDPR compliance benefits, as it helps integrate external users while making knowledge-sharing an integrated part of daily routines.

WorkPoint also has a number of vertical business solutions including those for the professional services and corporate legal sectors with risk and case management modules alongside project, HR, risk and case management in addition to Quality Assurance.

Unlock the potential of Microsoft 365 for firms significantly quicker and at a lower cost than bespoke development.


Triad also holds five Gold Microsoft competencies.

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