User Research, User Experience and Service Design

“We are the ‘not so secret’ weapon for delivering transformational change. We combine the latest academic thinking with creative approaches to championing the needs of the user. And we don’t stop until we find the optimal solution.”

– Lucille Harvey, Principal Consultant

Our approach

Make better design decisions – We place users at the heart of business decisions. We de-risk development by engaging users, listening, testing and iterating. Our user-centric design approach enables the benefits of digital designs and services to be measured and managed.

Design-driven growth – We collaborate in cross functional teams where people come together to solve problems one at a time. By doing this we learn together, upskill your teams and individuals to deliver value early and repeatedly.

Reinvent the user experience – We quantify what matters to users, create prototypes and reimagine the user journey over time to deliver user friendly and stunning experiences.

Right, first-time, every-time – Because we collect evidence as we work, we can prove to governance bodies and boards that we adhere to rigorous standards including usability and accessibility for users of all abilities.

Our expertise

User Research – We spend time listening to users to build an understanding and get to the heart of their needs so that they will love your solutions from day 1.

Content Design – We design compelling content that clarifies navigation and provides direction for users to perform specific actions that maximises engagement with your services.

Information Architecture – We structure content so that it is really easy for users to find what they need.

UX design and audit – We design user experiences that will delight users. We collaborate and test with them continually to give you full confidence when your product launches to market.

Usability and Accessibility testing – We test with users of all abilities so that we design a service that is usable by all.