Technology Project Management and PMO

“Our Technology Project Management and PMO team are experienced practitioners who are skilled at delivering wide ranging transformational change, using best practice, collaboration and partnering with the client to deliver as one team”.

– Mark Caine, Principal Consultant

What’s different about Triad’s Project Management and PMO services?

We think it boils down to five things:

  • We work as one team – Our project management and delivery service brings 30 years’ of successful experience delivering IT systems to our clients. We do this because we want to share what we know works. We want to help clients build a reputation for repeatable successful IT project delivery within their organisations.
  • We innovate – Our PMs are strategic thinkers and problem solvers not just technical specialists. Because of this they are able to bring a breadth of tradecraft to bring a clients vision to life while managing change.
  • We deliver confidence – Our PMs unique mix of technical knowledge and people skill brings a level of delivery confidence and capability not easily found elsewhere.
  • We add value – Our project managers focus on delivering value during a project and not just at set milestones.  They achieve this by communicating continuously and effectively with all stakeholders so everyone remains informed, focused and working to the same goal.
  • We share knowledge – We don’t just manage tasks and timelines we manage how tasks are done. By doing this we build staff and client staff skills as we work. This has the benefit of embedding knowledge management into our ways of working and not having to be a separate task crammed into the latter stages of a project.

Our approach

Reducing the stress of Project Management – We bring 30 years of project delivery success to ensure your projects are well run through to delivery. To do this we create efficient project control processes that integrate with your ways of working. Our experience of Agile and Waterfall approaches including Prince2, Kanban, Scrum, SAFe and LeSS means that we operate effectively on projects of all sizes.

A better overview of work – We take time to develop a technology-enabled approach to create a digital Project Management Office that supports a mature project management reporting capability. We have successfully done this for BEIS by defining, designing and selecting a PPPM solution that best meets their needs. Deploying gradually, we are introducing new technology and managing its adoption to ensure quality data and trusted reporting.

Partnering with clients to deliver value – We are adept at blending a winning mix of methods, techniques and tools to suit each client’s requirements and each project profile. We have a track record for delivering on time and within budget, excellent user engagement, strict governance and high quality. Our project managers bring leadership to change mind-sets, this combined with well-defined Project Management practices enhances delivery across the project team(s). Our approach ensures that project owners remain informed throughout, so they are comfortable making decisions. We use fact-based performance management to resolve problems early so that benefits remain on track. This helps new projects start on the right footing and turns around distressed projects.

Our expertise

See positive change in action – We track work and associated benefits realisation to measure and report on improvements across the portfolio of projects to provide consistent and reliable management reporting.

One Team – Our One Team approach dissolves the boundaries between the client, stakeholder and suppliers to enhance engagement, collaboration and drive strong project outcomes.

Transformation – We help coordinate and deliver large-scale transformation programmes by managing the capacity and utilisation of our PM and PMO resources.

Migration – We help identify and manage the removal of legacy technology to overhaul and modernise businesses so they can deliver service excellence to their staff and customers.

Hardware and Software – We manage the refresh or replacement of end-of-life hardware and software so that your technology stack supports your business.