Strategic Technology Leadership and Consultancy

“Good strategy isn’t easy. We help clients improve their use of technology to meet goals and objectives.  To do this we bring our expertise to assess technology and processes so that we solve problems in innovative cost-effective ways.”

– Dave Horton, Principal Consultant

Our approach

High-performing digital businesses – We analyse and evaluate IT capabilities to deliver performance improvements. Our recommendations are backed by data so that digital leaders make the right decisions on changes, renewals and replacement to transform and modernise information technology.

Implementable IT strategies – We are different because we go beyond defining principles to describe actions that will move from theory to practice. Our 30 years of technology delivery experience ensures actions are dependable and will have measurable benefits.

Thriving during constant change – As we work alongside clients, we build the talent of their staff to create a culture around data, ways of working and roadmaps that remain in sync with business change projects. Through this we enable and support digital teams that deliver what the business needs when the business need it. By working with us, digital leaders move from managing and reporting on digital delivery to advising their board on future IT operating capabilities, how they will be delivered and the benefits they will create.

We save you time and money – We align delivery projects to organisation standards and best implementation practices. By doing this early and often we ensure suppliers focus on doing the right things. This reduces unplanned work and project delays controlling costs.

Our expertise

Enterprise Architecture – We define digital-ready architectures for your business to support successful and cost effective digital transformation and innovation.

CIO / CTO advisory – We help businesses assess and exploit technology so that they can make the right investment decisions by drawing on knowledge from all our clients and sectors.

Strategic Planning – We free you from the constraints of legacy applications and services. We enable a step change in business performance by planning the introduction of next generation solutions.

Technical Design Authority – By focusing on your business goals, we support you assure projects throughout the delivery lifecycle so that the right things are being done and work remains on schedule.