Business Change and Transformation

“At Triad, our goal is to help our customers transform their enterprise and operations, to enable efficiency gains and provide a competitive advantage.”

– Vanessa MacDougall, Senior Consultant

Our approach

Measure, optimise and transform – We understand the process of change and the need to prepare, plan, implement and embed new ways of working to achieve success. Our digital delivery expertise, design thinking and problem solving approach delivers new business models that underpin successful change initiatives.

High performance transformation – We analyse and evaluate IT capabilities to identify where performance improvements are needed. Our recommendations are backed by data so that digital leaders make the right decisions on changes, renewals and replacement to IT modernisation and transformation. By doing this we reduce business pressures, foster growth and achieve a competitive edge.

Low risk adaptive changes – We help clients make small, incremental changes to fine-tune processes and align with new and emerging business strategies.

Making changes that work stick – We engage people so that they feel part of the change. This creates a sense of ownership and they feel comfortable to champion change across the organisation.

Our expertise

Transformation – We help define operating models that bring the whole leadership vision to life through new and improved ways of working across the organisation.

Organisational Change – We support organisations manage their targeted change plans. By delivering incremental improvements and combining them we deliver significant business benefits.

Business Process Definition – We define and implement process improvements that embed benefits measurement and realisation, to optimise the value created by your organisation.

Continuous Improvement – We design business change to incorporate ongoing incremental improvements in all operations to continually drive down costs and drive-up quality.