Business Architecture, Business Analysis and Data

“We embed user-first analysis and insight to realise business benefits and deliver the services your users need.”

– Tom Jacobs, Principal Consultant

Our approach

Designing for the enterprise – We help clients envision, motivate, and successfully drive transformational change at scale. Our architects think like software engineers. By doing this we actively target the removal of technical debt and make business architecture implementable.

Ensuring projects run smoothly – Our analysis is robust and withstands scrutiny enabling clients to have meaningful architectural discussion. We spend time where it should be spent, working with clients to solve problems, improve efficiency and provide business sustainability.

Decisions made on accurate data – The ability to make the right decision at the right time requires a data-driven and continuous improvement approach to data acquisition and processing. We enable this by overcoming legacy technology constraints and freeing data held captive in difficult to access systems. By doing this, we create a repository of data to exploit and is ready for using with more powerful analytic tools and Machine Learning scenarios that can tune and improve business performance.

Commended as a “key supplier”, Triad’s “high standard” BA services reduced duplication and improved efficiency, contributing to successfully handling serious time sensitive policing incidents within the UK.

Our expertise

Business architecture – We work with you in the language of your business to develop digital operating models and service designs ready for your benefit-driven technology and change implementation.

Business analysis – We enable change by defining and validating users’ needs that deliver high value outcomes so that business goals are met.

Data analysis – We make data work for you so that you unlock value through enhanced insights from the most important business asset you own.