Unpacking Agile – Why it’s important that everyone is on the same page

Agile has made incredible headway in businesses across the globe in recent years, but many organisations are still struggling to make the most of it. Why?

When we interviewed 60 C-level technology experts for our new eBook Agile: Friend or Foe, we were surprised to find just how much confusion there still is around what Agile is, and what it isn’t.

Adam Warne, CIO at N Brown Group explains the situation perfectly: “First and foremost, we must acknowledge that Agile is one of those really overused and yet misunderstood terms. There are a lot of organisations, teams and departments that believe they are ‘Agile’ but actually, they aren’t”.

Across our interviews with executives like Adam finding out how their businesses are using Agile, we were also keen to hear where they may be having trouble with Agile project implementations.

A failure to establish a common definition of Agile came up fairly often.

One of our other survey participants confessed that if you were to ask an entire room of people to define what Agile is, chances are that each person would give you a different answer. “Everyone seems to have a general idea but no real effort is being made to help larger groups of people to really drill down into what Agile is all about,” they said.

This is where it can be valuable to partner with third-party suppliers because it’s their job to know what Agile is all about. Armed with this knowledge, they can give you the advice and support you need to ensure your Agile efforts are a success.

The conversations we had with these C-level technology experts has yielded a wealth of information on various successful Agile strategies in various environments. If you’d like to find out what they had to say, all the insights from these interviews are in our new eBook.

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Adrian Leer

Managing Director

Triad Group Plc