University of Northampton students excel at the Triad Challenge

Could you improve the user journey for ordering and collecting lateral flow kits? In this blog, we catch up with the people involved with the inaugural Triad Challenge Event, set for University of Northampton final year BSc Computing students.

During February, we collaborated with final year computing students at the University of Northampton (UoN) to create “The Triad Challenge”. This two-day event provided 20 final year students with the chance to gain industry experience in a real business environment. Split into four teams, the students were tasked with improving the user journey for ordering and collecting lateral flow tests via a pharmacist. The digital service needed to comply with GOV.UKguidelines for the design of the interface and include an administrative backend that would cater for system maintenance.

Each team extracted a full description of the client’s needs via interviews with different users of the system. Users were role-played by Triad consultants. Complexity was added with users having differing views on their expectations for the system.  This needed exploration and development of a solution that would resolve these conflicting positions, leaving all the clients happy with the final solution.

On the second day, each team presented their strategy for problem resolution and their prototype software to a judging panel, featuring a team of Triad consultants, including system analysts, software developers and our Managing Director, Adrian Leer.

Adrian was impressed; “All four teams crossed the finishing line with working software styled in the Gov.UK livery, and they all made a compelling presentation relating to what they had done and why they had chosen their approach. It was truly inspirational, and it is reassuring to think that students are being prepared for the world of work with skills and knowledge that will really make a difference.”