University of Northampton students excel at the Triad Challenge… again! By Rhianna Conway

Could you design a prototype solution for a budget calculator tool? In this blog, Triad Consultant Rhianna Conway catches up with the people involved with the 2nd Triad Challenge, set for University of Northampton final year BSc Computing students. 

We recently hosted an exciting two-day event for 11 final year computing BSc students from the University of Northampton. With a new brief applied to a similar format to last year’s challenge, this was a thrilling opportunity for students to showcase their tech talents and simulate work on real-life projects.

The fictitious scenario was to build a prototype household budgeting tool that would appear on Gov.UK.  The students had to follow GDS standards and styling to ensure the calculator tool could be displayed on the Government’s website.

Students began by interviewing system users, role-played by Triad staff. This helped them gather all the necessary requirements and understand user needs better. Using these requirements and a range of tech tools, the students went on to build a prototype budget calculator, including impressive features and user interfaces.

Students had to present their findings and requirements to the Triad team hosting the challenge. They had to describe the reasoning behind their solutions and why they included particular features. It was a fantastic opportunity for students to brush up on their presentation skills and pitch their ideas to potential future employers.

The Triad Challenge was not only an opportunity for students to develop their technical skills, but they also gained valuable insights into working in a professional environment and performed under extreme time pressures. We were also pleased to see several posts on LinkedIn from students outlining how insightful they found the event, with Muzam Ali posting, “It was such a great opportunity to learn new things, and I’m really grateful to the Triad team for making it happen”. Komal Shaheen also added, “It was an incredibly stimulating and rewarding experience that I will carry with me throughout my career. I would highly recommend this event to anyone looking to challenge themselves and expand their professional network.”

As a company, we’re thrilled to support young talent and innovation in the tech industry, and we’re excited to see the work these students can accomplish in the future. This challenge is an excellent platform for them to advance towards their career goals. We want to thank each participant for making this, our 2nd Triad Challenge, an unforgettable event – you know who you are! And we’re looking forward to more such events in the future.

This blog was written by Triad Consultant Rhianna Conway.  If you would like to contact Rhianna or have a question for the Triad team, please contact <include web page link >.