Qualifying the benefits of new technology

Triad Group Plc recently hosted a tech trends 2020 Salon in London, attended by over 20 technologists and business-minded people who engaged in a lively roundtable discussion.

We covered exciting topics like Cognitive AI and the possibility of the keyboard becoming extinct. Among all the great discussions about technology, it struck me was that despite the continuous development of innovative technology, we mustn’t lose sight of qualifying the benefits and making good business decisions.

As Triad Group Plc is technology agnostic, we pride ourselves on finding the best fit solution when solving complex IT problems for our clients. However, there is an emerging trend of companies coming to us with questions around transformation projects for the newest shiny technology seemingly because it’s innovative, on-trend or out of fear of falling behind the times. While the latter is an important consideration, there still needs to be a business case behind any big transformation decision and some established technologies may, in fact, provide a better solution.

Today’s latest and greatest tech could be tomorrow’s undelivered dream. So, taking the time to perform thorough due diligence or asking experts to assess the payoffs to ensure that they outweigh the cost of change is an essential project requirement.

Graphic showing the balancing of different considerations
We have a problem!

Too often, the identification of a problem triggers rushed decision making, which will also impact future options and ultimately project success. To help structure the search for a solution, and enable the team to more fully assess the severity of issues, at Triad, we always seek to hold workshops with our clients. In our experience, this is hugely beneficial, growing understanding and honing in on the potential solutions.

Starting the search for a solution with a clearer and more rounded view of the problem (difficulties you are facing), implications (the knock-on effects of that problem) and payoff (the value you get from solving these problems) undoubtedly helps balance decision making.

Graphic illustrating the forces of problem, implications and payoff

Finding an enduring solution

No-one said it would be easy. In addition, it is made all the harder given the explosion in technologies – discussing the top 12 tech trends survey respondents voted for the Salon conversation regularly came round to ‘I’m surprised that X didn’t make the list’.

Word cloud showing AI as the technology voted as the most significant in the next ten years

List of the top 12 technologies identified as the most significant in the next ten years by survey respondents

So, filtering the attainable from hot air when assessing promises from emerging technologies to transform your organisation’s effectiveness is no easy job.

  • Blockchain was one area where attendees at the Salon felt a lack of understanding was holding back a truly transformative technology. At Triad we’re approaching this through our partnership with Stratis – which you can read more about here.
In conclusion, the next decade will undoubtedly be exciting. Still, the need to go back to basics and make business savvy decisions, when assessing new technology’s application and realistic impacts, has never been more crucial!


Matthew Goodman

Senior business development manager with Triad who define, design and deliver digital solutions. Working alongside customers to understand their businesses and technology challenges as part of a specialist team that ensures projects are a success.

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