Three ways Office 365 enables the mobile workforce

More and more, people want to be able to work from any location, accessing their emails, business apps and other important information at all times and from any device. Office 365 and Azure are redefining the office, opening up new ways of working and removing geographical boundaries.


As part of a recent survey commissioned by the Triad Group and conducted by, we chatted to a range of business executives about their current IT and technology needs. These interviews revealed that Office 365 empowers remote workers, boosts collaboration and makes it possible for business executives to lead their teams even when they’re not in the same room.


Here are three key ways that Office 365 promotes mobile work:


#1 Embrace unique work styles:

Some people are morning people, others are more productive at night. Office 365 provides the flexibility modern businesses need to adapt to different working styles. Managers no longer have to dedicate time to keeping tabs on when employees get their work done. As long as they meet their deadlines and their work meets certain standards, they have the agility to work when and where it suits them.


#2 Boost collaboration/teamwork:  

The survey participants repeatedly cited collaboration as a major benefit of Office 365 and, in particular, teams and Azure. This is especially true in organisations that have multiple branches across a variety of locations. If some members of your team are sitting in California and others are located in London, they can collaborate and share ideas utilising Azure and Office 365.


#3 Work anywhere and on any device:

Perhaps the most obvious example, it’s no surprise that these online versions of MS software allow employees to get work done even when they’re not at their desks. This enables businesses to attract and retain the best talent because users can pick up any device and have the exact same experience.


Microsoft’s incredible success is a result of their willingness to change. They’re constantly asking customers for feedback and using these insights to release new iterations of their products and develop solutions that work. Keen to find out how UK’s top businesses are using Microsoft technologies today? Download our latest eBook Unpacking the future impact of Microsoft technologies to find out.


Adrian Leer

Managing Director

Triad Group Plc