Microsoft Teams: Eliminating Data Breaches with Triad and WorkPoint

Following my last article on the data breach issues that often follow the fast rollout into Microsoft 365, which may affect as many as 85% of Teams user organisations, we want to touch on several ways to keep your business secure.

If you worry about speed that Teams was rolled out during the pandemic, the implications of possible data breaches or if it’s already happened to your business, read on.


Introducing The Partnership

As a Microsoft Gold partner joining forces with WorkPoint earlier this year made a lot of sense. As specialists in a wide range of technologies like cloud, intelligent automation, agile, and Microsoft 365, Triad also offers expertise in digital transformation and helps companies find the right competitive advantage tools.

The partnership grew from a shared goal focussed on unlocking the true value of Microsoft 365. With less security and testing than in typical applications and fast implementations at such a wide scale, we saw that many organizations released great dangers into their businesses with Teams during the pandemic.

As mentioned in our previous article, data breaches increased significantly during the pandemic, and – given its widespread use and speedy rollout – it transpires that Microsoft Teams is one of the biggest culprits.


Eliminating Data Breaches

Data breaches in Teams often come about from a lack of governance. As previously discussed, forgotten data and documents can remain in Teams’ channels. Plus, weak control over who can share and access what remains a huge issue.

WorkPoint’s easy to integrate modules give you complete control over security and access rights, allowing you to use each Microsoft 365 solution as intended. Instead of defaulting to Teams for everything, you can use it for projects – and automatically store important corporate documents internally and securely.

The solution helps you quickly define a complete security model for Microsoft 365, while also helping your end-users apply it. WorkPoint also gives you functions like two-factor authentication to keep all your company critical files safe. You can also see who is looking at or downloading files.

Microsoft 365 is easy to pick up and use. But without investing the time into what the solution can do, or talking to someone with the expertise, you can either miss out on functionality or introduce risks into your organization.

Correct adoption of the Microsoft 365 platform from the start allows you to get more out of the solution. And since you’re already paying for it, your goal should be to get maximum return on investment.


Increased Productivity & Microsoft 365

Using partner products like WorkPoint introduces governance and security – but can also aid productivity across your organisation. Many companies rely on multiple systems to do their job. Using 6-7 systems or more is common.

According to studies, multitasking can impact productivity by as much as 40%. This impairment includes the constant switching back and forth between work applications. WorkPoint can help companies limit their applications to one or two – only Teams or a combination of Teams and SharePoint.

This smooth integration can help your organisation become more productive, save you money, and allow your workers to stay focused.

We see another great example of increased productivity in WorkPoint’s ability to speed up navigation. Finding a document in your mailbox often takes time, sometimes up to five minutes. WorkPoint Express cuts the time down to ten seconds.

Counting the number of emails with documents and the time savings per person in an organisation can deliver enormous savings – in time and productivity. Rather than having the system working for them – it often works against them. This needs to change.


Get Ready For The Future

You reacted to an unseen situation in our modern world when the pandemic arrived. And honestly, it worked quite well. Many companies successfully transformed into all-digital businesses and allowed operations to continue to carry out from a-far.

But, as things are slowly returning to normal, it’s time to clean up and start assessing your security. It’s time to apply structure and control – and that’s where Microsoft partners like WorkPoint and Triad can help you.

Combining our flexible case and project management solution with Triad’s senior Microsoft expertise, we bring well-needed governance and management to organizations across many verticals. In every business there is sensitive information – be it HR records, legal contract terms, or supply chain pricing. Don’t let yours leak out via the misuse of Teams.

Together, we help you accelerate the benefits of Microsoft 365 and use these modern workplace solutions in a secure and governed way.

Welcome to the future.

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David Eagle, Triad’s Microsoft 365 expert has worked with several companies who realised that their pandemic rollouts had left them vulnerable. His advice is:

“It’s important to do an audit of where you currently are and set a path to plug any gaps in your Governance. Also, if you are using the Microsoft 365 platform more widely, why not explore all the other opportunities it brings. In my experience, it’s very likely you could get even more value from the license fee you are already paying for.”