Digital skills gap – Watch our videos to hear experts share their insights

The summary video here captures all the insights from a Global Chief Architect, a Digital Transformation  Strategist, and two IT Directors sharing their views on how the shortage of digital skills is affecting the transformation of businesses today.


Triad Group Plc, partnered with to survey over 100 industry-leading digital, technology and recruitment professionals from a wide range of industries.  The research uncovered their insights, highlighting how a lack of digital skills is affecting their businesses and showcasing what they are doing to attract and retain top talent.


Covering four key topics; The challenges of hiring soft skills compared to tech skills; How to optimise value from third-party consultants; Millennials and the mature workforce; and How to win in the competition for top talent.


There are also individual videos from;


Matt Smith – Global Chief Architect, IFS

Matt approaches IT Skills Gap from a creative and innovative perspective that he applies to making people artists in the world of business change.


Pawan Nandrajog – Director, Digital Transformation, Infosys Consulting

As a seasoned Technocrat, Pawan approached digital skills shortage based on his years of experience across consulting, delivery assurance, and propositions management.


Abby Ewen – IT Director, Berrymans Lace Mawer

Abby presents her insights through her viewpoint of IT from inside an insurance and risk commercial law firm with an emphasis on hiring for mindset and importance of culture.


Lawrence Lewis – Director, Consulting Stream

Laurence brings his perspective based on his experience leading teams delivering large-scale, complex transformational digital and IT change programmes.


Interested in learning more about the digital skills shortage? Then read our recent eBook that highlights how a lack of digital skills is affecting business and showcasing ways to attract and retain top talent.