Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3

Triad Group Plc has been awarded a place by the Government Procurement Service, on the Government’s new Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework Agreement. Public sector bodies can now take up three new services offered by Triad through this framework.


Triad will provide teams to deliver bespoke solutions for public sector organisations.


Triad will provide technology specialists to public sector clients looking for additional expertise and capacity.

User Research Labs

Triad will provide two user research laboratories, based in Godalming and Milton Keynes.

“Triad is proud to have been awarded this position on the Government’s innovative digital framework”, said Adrian Leer, Managing Director, Triad Group Plc. “Our new DOS services allow Public Sector organisations to optimise their digital solutions to drive significant benefits for citizens and other users.”

Triad’s DOS services can be found by on the Digital Marketplace