Mythbusters – The Agile budget edition

Triad has been helping companies embrace and benefit from technology for over 30 years. And during this time, we’ve witnessed how new technologies have transformed entire industries.

Keen to stay close to key trends and new approaches, we recently conducted 60 interviews with senior executives to find out if they’ve embraced the project management and software development approach that everyone is talking about — Agile.

During these conversations, we discovered that some organisations are having trouble when it comes to allocating budgets to fund their Agile efforts. And our interviewees are not alone.

According to Forbes: “the budget often constitutes one of the last — and largest — stumbling blocks to creating a truly Agile organisation”. As organisations attempt to infuse agility into their operating models, they’re realising that they need to rewire processes that have been around for decades. This can be a challenge, but it can be done.

Personally, I don’t believe that Agile can’t align to budgeting cycles. In my opinion, this perception is more indicative of a resistance to change. Budgeting for Agile is possible. It just requires organisations to be pragmatic and flexible.

Without an expectation and commitment to the fact that budgetary practice will have to change, the speed and adaptability that makes Agile so appealing will not be possible. There are those who believe that other methods improve forecastability. But I would simply argue that they’ve forgotten about all the projects that have run out of time, exceeded budget and failed to reach the scope goal, and far too frequently not even delivering a minimal viable product (MVP).

If you’d like to find out what the C-level executives who participated in our survey had to say about Agile, please read our Agile eBook. Featuring a wealth of insights from business leaders working across a wide range of industries, it might just be the resource you need to get started on your Agile journey.

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Adrian Leer

Managing director, Triad Group Plc