A Junior Consultant in my shoes, by Isabelle Stevenson

Junior Consultant Isabelle Stevenson talks about everything from graduating in international relations to specialising in UX.

Isabelle – tell us what you are up to?

I am working on a project to facilitate a new government scheme by developing a digital platform to help the UK’s net zero targets. It has been rewarding and fascinating at the same time, covering a wide range of UX disciplines, such as design, research, and testing. And it has the added bonus of helping the environment.

What were you doing before you joined Triad?

After graduating, my first job was as a research analyst at a PR company. I gained analytical, report writing and data management skills during this time.  However, over time, I realised I wasn’t happy and knew I had more to offer.

Why did you join Triad?

I have an inherent interest in technology. When I researched Triad, they talked about using technology to transform organisations and that really appealed to me, because making a difference to the world we live in is important to me.

What made you choose UX as a specialism?

Triad offered me the chance to spend time in Business Analysis (BA) and User Experience (UX). I liked BA, but fell in love with UX. For my master’s degree dissertation, I wrote about how extremism spreads worldwide online. There are some close parallels to this and UX; exploring why people behave the way they do – understanding their pain points and grievances.

Do you have a mentor?

Yes. I’m lucky to be working alongside Lucille Harvey. She’s Triad’s youngest Senior Consultant and an amazing role model; a colleague, coach and mentor rolled into one. I’m learning so much from her every day, from getting the best out of users during testing to the art of client management.

How would you describe the Triad culture?

Nurturing. Everybody wants to see you do well. They’re rooting for you. I seem to be surrounded by people who want to learn. I’ve found it to be a safe space to grow. That’s been important for me and has helped accelerate my learning and development.

What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

Be curious, and never stop learning.

If you have a question for Isabelle or the Triad team, please get in touch.