A Business Analyst in my shoes, by Daria Czajkowska

Triad Business Analyst Daria Czajkowska talks about everything from turning pressure into focus and the challenges of a remote/hybrid role.

How would you describe your role?

Varied. Being a Business Analyst isn’t dull. You always get to meet different people when on projects. It’s amazing the journey you get to go on with a client and users. You begin the discovery process knowing little about the company or its people. After the first stages, you have so many interactions of various natures to resolve issues. By the time you go live with the system, you have built a connection and understanding with the user. It’s a rewarding and stimulating role.

What do you most enjoy about your role? 

There are many things, but to pick the top few, it must be the moments when you show the system that you made, and the user tells you how happy they are with the result (even if it’s still in the early stages) and how much faster their work will be as a result of the system.

Another thing I enjoy is seeing the work that you have put in materialise. That comes in different forms. It can be writing a story and seeing the system implement that or working on a process and seeing it implemented. Seeing it brought to life makes it all worthwhile, regardless of how big or small or challenging the work is. I also like working with people, which brings a lot of joy to my working day.

How did it feel to start a remote/hybrid role?

I had never worked from home before, and it was initially challenging. In previous roles, I would get to work and then start working. But when I was based at home, I had to change a few things around to make it feel like I was in a different place so that I could focus—for example, setting up my workstation and getting into the right mind frame. Now that I have been doing it for a few months, it’s natural to be working from home while also going to the office or seeing clients.

Triad’s goal is to transform through technology. Since working for Triad, how have you helped improve people’s lives through technology? 

I am currently working with the Office for Product Safety and Standards, so every day I start work, I know that by the end of the day, I have made a change to myself and the people who live in Great Britain. Making a visible change also gives you a strong motivation and focus to ensure every day counts.

What’s your superpower? 

That’s a tough question to answer! But I think it would have to be the ability to take pressure and stress and turn it into focus. As a graduate starting my career as a Business Analyst, there were many new situations I hadn’t encountered before, and my natural reaction was to get stressed and feel the pressure rising. However, I still managed to keep my focus and a clear mind even though my hand was shaking behind the scenes, and I value that trait because if I didn’t have it, my anxiety could have prevented me from doing things and being where I am now.

Marketing spin aside, what do you think makes Triad different from other IT Consultancies? 

The people and the approach that they have towards work and colleagues. It’s good to be working for a company that can find balance in producing solutions, making the client happy, and keeping the morale high in the teams. I don’t think that a person working for Triad can say a bad word about the company, which is something to be proud of and something that many companies can’t say about themselves. That makes us different and special.

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