Do’s and don’ts for picking a third party supplier when digital skills are scarce

Some 90% of new jobs demand digital knowhow. Couple this with the fact that roughly 70% of employees lack the digital capabilities needed to do their jobs today and it is clear that we have a very real, and very worrying, digital skills problem. 


Our recent research, and a broad range of market data, corroborates this fact. 


Third parties – like Triad – can help plug that gap. With over 30 years experience delivering technology-based solutions to our clients, we connect our clients with our expert internal consultants, as well as our carefully chosen associate and contractor pools. We also help our customers find the best digital talent to match their unique needs, giving them the freedom to quickly scale up or down as demand fluctuates.

Given our experience in this space, we’ve compiled a short list of do’s and don’ts to help you maximise the value of working with a third party: 


  • DO use the resources you’re paying for to upskill and train your wider team. If you’re partnering with a third party, it’s important that your internal teams learn something too and that they benefit from working with these industry experts. 
  • DON’T expect everyone with digital skills to be 20 years old or younger. There is so much value in experience and past adaptability should be seen as a valuable sign of future flexibility.
  • DO ask for proven evidence of delivery. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking an Agile or Waterfall approach, all businesses need tangible outcomes and your chosen partner should have experience delivering on various different types of projects.
  • DON’T suffer in silence. If you don’t understand something, you are always welcome to ask. As the customer, you must feel informed and confident about the status of your project. Quality digital skills can be explained.


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Adrian Leer

Managing Director, Triad Group Plc