Case Study

Transforming the way we do business

Improving Management of Diverse Projects
Agile - Incremental Delivery Systems

About the client

UKs leading surveyors, specialising in chartered surveying services to clients in the utility and infrastructure sector. Their specialist teams have the experience and knowledge to offer support across projects of all types and scale, from linear projects to property consultancy, including land management, specialist valuations and lease renewals. With a modern and dedicated approach, they provide bespoke and cost-effective solutions, so their clients can achieve their goals on time and within budget.

The challenge

Working primarily with large utility companies, the client’s business is experiencing growth in size and scale. Dealing with projects of varying levels of complexity, they can be involved in anything from large scale installations, such as laying pipeline across three or four counties, dealing with hundreds, thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of interested parties, to something as simple as changing a manhole cover.

Dealing with such diversity, any core business system has to be able to be flexible enough to cater for this wide range of projects and their current system no longer meets their need.

The solution

The Solution

In order to continue to improve the way they worked with their clients, chartered survey company wanted to take advantage of the new technology now available to them. With over 25 years of successful IT delivery experience, and the same drive to constantly improve the service offered to their clients, Triad was the ideal partner to help them achieve their goal.

Our in-depth expertise in Office 365, SharePoint Online and modern Web Apps combined with our Agile approach, with daily client stand-ups and show and tells has allowed us to incrementally deliver the system in partnership with the client’s team and adapt the build as we proceeded. This allowed the client unprecedented control over the direction of the system’s delivery compared to previous waterfall style software delivery.

The new hybrid cloud/on-premises project management and geospatial system allows the client the best of both worlds, combining the cost effectiveness of Office 365 SaaS and the flexibility of an on premises database solution.

The result

The client now have an unparalleled new core business system, one that is far more flexible, more adaptable and interactive than its predecessor. One that provides their leadership team, surveyors and support staff with the tools required to meet the evolving needs of their clients, as well as offering them the ability to interact more effectively. A system that will further cement their reputation as a leader in their field.