Case Study

Triad helps delayed project find the right data and Power Apps solution

In March 2019, a project to modernise how the data from international airport security technical assessments were stored, accessed and analysed required further iteration before being accepted into live use by its commissioning authority. 

Delivering the planned solution in an operational format with reliable data required Triad’s consultants to quickly grasp the technical and business problems. They also worked with the original delivery and business teams to implement enhancements within extended budget constraints. 

In just five months, Triad’s Power BI, Power Apps and database experts ensured the investment made to date was unlocked, issues resolved and an operational system was delivered, which was accepted and then moved into live. 

About the client

The Government leads on aviation security policy in the UK, and the DfT Aviation Security International Operations division is responsible for conducting technical security assessments at overseas airports. The team also works with Host States to improve aviation security standards by sharing best practice and delivering capacity building initiatives. 

 “We had experienced a number of problems in achieving our go-live milestones. However, by working closely with experts from Triad, we resolved these issues and implemented a degree of technical robustness that paved the way for a successful go-live across multiple geographies.” 

Robert Block | Deputy Head, DfT Aviation Security International Operations

The challenge

While both the Aviation Security International Operations team and its original technology partner remained committed to modernising the assessment system a range of issues were stopping the planned update. After the initial phase, further work was required around performance, legacy data migration and reporting. These areas needed to be addressed for the service to be accepted by its commissioning authority. 

To overcome the legacy data migration issues, all the data migration processes needed to be redeveloped to guarantee data integrity. Power Apps code was also optimised on the key business user forms, to display them within acceptable time limits. While report fixes were needed to achieve the businesses benefits and data insights users had been promised. 

Finally, this project has missed its initial live date and was running on an extended budget. 

The solution

By bringing Triad’s highly skilled consultants, who were experts in complex data migrations, Power Apps and Power BI reports respectively, on board the new team was able to grasp the technical and business problems quickly.

Working with the incumbent technology partner and the DFT’s internal project team, Triad helped identify and implement enhancements with the application and deployment process despite extended budget constraints. 

The result

Triad’s team of experts were able to identify why and where issues with the existing system were occurring. They quickly worked with all the existing stakeholders to agree recovery options and then swiftly and effectively implement improved data migrations, Power BI reports and Power Apps – all within five months. 

The Aviation security operations team now have a responsive and timely way to access and understand its data better. 

With a now approved system, operational and designed with future developments in mind, the Aviation Security teams’ job is considerably easier. This also gives the body far more confidence about aviation security standards at international airports flown to by UK air traffic.