Case Study

Built online quotation system that created greater control and cost savings

Insurance quotes per month

About the client

One of the largest automobile associations in Europe provides its members with insurance coverage for their vehicles, home, and travel. The company has about 4 million customers and generates in the region of 200,000 insurance quotes in a month.

The challenge

Up until 2016 the client was using a third party vendor to help produce quality pricings for clients seeking an online insurance pricing quote. The client concluded it would be beneficial to create its own internal quotation engine, which would require recruiting a six to eight person team of developers with specialised skills.

Probably the biggest challenge for this recruiting engagement was ensuring that all candidates were technically excellent. Whilst the core skills around .Net were not so rare, in order for Triad to source and deliver the best candidates, a rigorous search and selection process was imperative.

It was also an important criterion for the client that the team develop and test the quotation engine in an agile environment.

The solution

The Solution

All the Developers required for the online quotation system team were sourced, screened, skill checked, and tested by Triad and then presented to the client for final interviewing and deployment. Triad utilised its well-maintained internal database of technology professionals, social media networks, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as external databases to source candidates.

Whilst Triad was engaged by the client to recruit the quotation engine development team, because of Triad’s breadth of technology consultancy experience, the client viewed Triad as a resource to help in a number of areas that surfaced along the way because of Triad’s proven “trusted partner” credentials.

The result

Bringing the quotation engine in-house gave the client more control over the quotation process and ultimately eliminated the extra ongoing costs to a third party provider.

Triad also provided the testing to ensure that the search engine was inspected thoroughly for compliance; implemented and tested the specialist CRM capabilities to make sure it worked effectively; and worked with the security team and assisted with introducing a new identity management tool to make sure users were appropriately identified, verified and routed to the correct part of the platform.